The woman who cut off her husband’s penis is now finally opening up


The topic of a worldwide media frenzy in the early 1990s, Lorena Bobbitt says she “didn’t choose to be in the spotlight” in one of many new interviews featured in “Lorena,” a four-part documentary show that re-examines her bothering case.

Audiences got their first appearance at “Lorena,” made by Oscar winner Jordan Peele, on Tuesday with the launch of a new trailer.

The series, directed by Joshua Rofé, is supposed to have its world premiere at the Sundance Film Festival on Jan. 29 before being released on Amazon Prime Feb. 15.

Featuring interviews with both Lorena and her now ex-husband, the series aims to expose the way the situation “laid the groundwork for its modern 24-hour news cycle” and challenge “the long-held narrative that surrounded” it, according to press notes.

After signing on to produce the job this past year, Peele said that he was”honored” to assist Lorena tell her side of the notorious case.

“When we hear that the name ‘Bobbitt’ we believe of one of the most sensational incidents to be catapulted into a full-blown media scene,” the writer and manager of “Discover” said in April.

“With this project, Lorena includes a platform to inform her truth as well as participate in a critical conversation about sex dynamics, abuse, and her demand for justice”
A jury acquitted Lorena of this charge she faced, judgment in 1994 that she was temporarily insane.

In the years since her acquittal, she has worked to assist victims of domestic violence throughout her charity, Lorena’s Red Wagon.  “I think I have a goal in life,” she informed HuffPost in 2016. “I won’t be stuck before.”

John Wayne, meanwhile, was acquitted of marital sexual assault and went on to star in a series of adult films from the mid-1990s. In 2016, he was profiled on the REELZ series,”Scandal Made Me Famous.”

Earlier this month, the case was also the subject of a”20/20″ special titled “The Bobbitts: Love Hurts.”


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