Yellow Snow is piling up at National Parks…

For people who were expecting to visit Rocky Mountain National Park however discovered the streets unplowed and shut to automobiles.


Not just in a”I am not getting paid” sort of way, even though that is definitely the case for the park’s countless rangers, maintenance workers, biologists and other workers.

No this shutdown stinks to get a far more fundamental reason: With the park’s toilets closed and locked since there’s no one to wash them, heaps of toilet paper and yellow snow are accumulating behind the buildings.

Which national parks are available during the national government shutdown?

Some parks are entirely closed, while some, including Rocky, are technically still available but unstaffed and unmaintained.

Rocky, the nation’s fourth-busiest national park, draws over 4 million visitors annually.

Wednesday, playground visitors had to content themselves with walking along the entrance streets or hiking from trail heads which are available from external the main entrance.

“We have managed to have fun,” said Cassie Abel, 28, as she pulled her daughter, Brynlee, 6, in a pink sled along the road. Abel and her parents came from Denton, Texas, to spend the holiday in nearby Estes Park, which is heavily dependent on the park’s tourist traffic.

The first week of this park shutdown brought little monetary effect, stated town manager Frank Lancaster, likely because many vacationers had already booked their Christmas remains and could not cancel.

Along the town’s most important street on Wednesday, tourists peered in candy-store windows, shopped for T-shirts and leased snowshoes, with little sign the nearby park is largely inaccessible.

Similar situations are playing out in national parks across the country: Piles of trash amassing away from the National Monument, overflowing toilets at Joshua Tree, traffic jams in Sequoia and Kings Canyon national parks.

“We’re hearing stories about people who are going into some areas in off-road vehicle, harmful sources,” said Bill Wade, the former superintendent of Shenandoah National Park in Virginia.

Skeleton crew of rangers nevertheless patrols Joshua Tree National Park despite government shutdown.

Under national law, national parks are expected to protect the resources they’ve been entrusted , and Wade stated one could make the argument that the federal government’s decision to”Soft close” a few parks violates the law.

With no rangers patrolling, Native American artifacts, wildlife and even wild ginseng is at risk from pickers, former park employees said.

“It is pretty rotten. I expect Congress is working hard to come up with a reasonable budget so that we can have our parks back,” said Marybeth Lisse, 49, who lives near Lyons, Colorado.

The women pronounced themselves disappointed that they could not use their normal sledding mountain, a former ski spot within the park.

Safety remains a significant concern in the open-but-unstaffed parks.

Across the nation, visitors are flocking to parks which are currently free to enter, since nobody is working the entrance booths.  Francis stated the lingering park shutdown is an insult to the service’s approximately 17,000 employees:”This isn’t a political issue to them. This is bread-and-butter to them coming to work doing their job and being paid for it in a timely manner.”

Marie MacCord, that works in the Mad Moose furniture shop near the playground’s entrance, ” she believes federal spending ought to be cut.

MacCord said she’s frustrated to listen to tourists whining about the park closure once the national debt is so large. ” We’re disappointed – who doesn’t want to get to Rocky Mountain National Park and see the mountains?” .


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