Lesbian finds true love in the hands of her sperm donor.


Long with her wife, the two had mapped out their lives together even going as far to choose the titles of the four children that they expected to have during a sperm donor.

Jessica’s dreams were left shattered when five years afterwards, in 2010, without warning – and despite her spouse with their second girl – her marriage collapsed.

Then in 2017, Jessica, 42, eventually meeting her boyfriend 12 years later after giving birth to his child.

Now, the mum-of-one together with sperm donor Aaron Long have proceeded in together making a happy home for Alice along with several of the kids that he has fathered during his lifetime.

Jessica never expected to meet Alice’s sperm donor, never mind date and move in with him.

Jessica, who dwelt in Oregon and works in advertising, simply knew her daughter’s dad as Donor No. 2008 at the Fairfax Cryobank.

Unbeknownst to her he’d signed up to provide semen after returning into the States from a year teaching English abroad.

When deciding on whose semen to select Jessica and her then-wife looked for qualities that originated between them including a passion for literature and sports.

“The donor listed his career as a writer, musician, and taxi driver” she recalled.

“My wife and I imagined he was refusing to get a desk job, but instead collecting the tales of those he would pick up in his cab, readying to write the Great American Novel,” Jessica explained.

“We gave barely a thought to the donor that we assumed we’d never meet. My wife was especially hostile to the idea of ever letting our kids know him- she believed that love made a household, and that I agreed.”

And again, 18 months after, the couple welcomed their second daughter using Aaron’s semen.

“Jessica added:”Both girls shared plenty of traits.

Recognizing how my wife and I looked as kids, it turned into a fun pastime to pick out the attributes just the girls shared: they were both extraordinarily tall, not ordinary height, since the donor claimed to be.

For seven years she brought the kids up throughout the week, however when Alice was ten, she says that her spouse cut off their eldest child completely.

“Jessica told the BBC:”Alice spends her days dreaming of the sister she was raised with and who she is afraid she will never see again.

“Alice knows more deeply than many kids that family is genetically created nor forged through parenting independently. Parenting did not make her mama stay.”

“However, Alice wondered where her ancestors came from. My mom had often told stories about the household’s Cornish heritage to anyone that would listen. Wanting to know what her genetic heritage was, Alice asked a DNA testing kit from her grandmother for Christmas when she was 11 years old.”

Through her own detective work and the use of social networking, Jessica discovered a man she thought matched her donor’s description.

She said photographs of him when he was at school matched the “Stupid face” her Alice makes.  Jessica then penned him a notice and they began speaking.

Subsequently in July 2017, Aaron, 52, who at the early 2000s had hunted for a way to find his kids, encouraged each of the biological children he’d joined with to a”Meet My Kids Party” at Seattle.

Weeks after assembly Aaron, Jessica and Alice were having difficulty with their landlord in Oregon.  A place opened in Aaron’s building, a communal living apartment blocks, and given how close he was growing with Jessica, he suggested they move in for a few months.

The pair got on so well they started dating and now live together, with Alice.

Everyone in the family is quick to admit that while they reside together, Aaron isn’t a father figure to Alice – especially Alice herself.

“We’re definitely not a household. This really isn’t the nuclear’Brady Bunch’ thing,” Alice said.


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