A new state law hopes to end the “puppy mills” problem.


Retail pet stores in California will simply have the ability to market kittens, rabbits, and dogs if they come in a rescue organization after a new state law goes into effect Tuesday.

With AB 485, California became the first state to execute these rigorous new rules on pet stores. Retailers are prohibited from selling live dogs, rabbits or cats unless the animal was obtained by a public animal control agency or shelter, humane society category, society for the prevention of cruelty to animals shelter or a rescue group that is at a cooperative agreement with at least one private or public shelter.

They said they’d love to see the country confine neglectful breeders from profiting from the selling of puppies and kittens.

“I believe it’s better to rescue these animals instead of having like a puppy mill or anything like that where these creatures are raised super inhumanely,” Suna
Kentdotson said.

“It takes the emphasis off the benefit of creatures and places the emphasis back on caring for and obtaining these cats and dogs a good house,” Mitch Kentdotson explained.

San Diego County has a couple of retail pet stores abandoned, including Broadway Puppies at Escondido, which has a sister shop in National City. According into the organization’s website, they only use responsible licensed breeders.  They will only be able to sell pets from shelters.

The Humane Society said it has not been contacted by some other regional retail pet shops inquiring about buying its animals.  Even if they do contact the group, the Humane Society is not convinced it would partner with the stores.

“We are not prepared to do that ourselves, since we’ve got a rather robust adoption program,” MacKinnon said.

The company sent letters into all regional stores depriving them of their new law, which does not affect the sale of dogs, cats, or rabbits direct from breeders.  The San Diego Humane Society will be among the regional organizations monitoring retail pet shops to be certain they follow the new rules.


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