A Blind Worm-like Creature Named After Trump… I wonder if they are trying to say something here


EnviroBuild, a London-based sustainable construction materials firm, saw are semblance between the serpentine monster, which is nearly blind and burrows underground, and Trump, who’s called the evidence of global warming a”Hoax.” EnviroBuild, that paid $25,000

for the naming rights at an auction this month, said on Tuesday that it chose “Dermophis donaldtrumpi” in recognition of this president’s position on climate change. A sensory power within their tentacles helps caecilians find prey, a capacity that  Bell likened – straining the metaphor a little – to the many tentacles of the investigation being pursued by special counsel Robert Mueller.

The naming rights went up for sale Dec. 8 at a “Species Legacy Auction” sponsored by Rainforest Trust, a Virginia-based conservation nonprofit organization that called the event “The largest species-naming auction in history.” The significance of naming the “Unusual worm like” species, the trust said, drew the maximum bid of any product from the auction, the proceeds of that benefited wild life conservation.

William Thompson told the San Antonio Express-News that he had chosen to name the species his presidential candidate, following Trump. It is meant to call attention to this dire, real-world effects of Trump’s refusal to recognize. Former president George W. Bush, former vice president Richard B. Cheney and former defense secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld have beetles named for them. There is a record of things named after Donald Trump. Rainforest Trust stated the remittance for the naming rights will go to protecting the creature’s home where scientists recently found it.

Why the title is appropriate, in the news release, Bell summarized. After President Trump announced his plan to withdraw from the Paris climate agreement this past year, he explained he had been benching the USA in the global fight against climate change since he wanted the rest of the world to stop “Laughing at us.”

EnviroBuild acknowledged that the authority is typically reserved for biologists. The announcement came on the heels of a weekend agreement with climate negotiators in Poland about the rules for implementing the Paris pact, which Trump considers counter to U.S. interests.

“The reason behind this choice of title is to bring wider public focus on the need to keep on protecting fragile habitats in the US that still contain many undiscovered species.” In a different instance the naming is in fact meant as a tribute to Trump.

“Capable of seeing the world only in black and white, Donald Trump has claimed that climate change is a hoax from the Chinese,” he noticed. Burying his “Head underground,” he added,”Helps Donald Trump when avoiding scientific consensus anthropomorphic climate change,” as well as appointing “Several energy lobbyists into the Environment Agency, where their project is to regulate the energy market.”

The name of a newly discovered amphibian species shows how hearty a laugh critics of the president abroad are having at his cost – and on the very issue as he promised to safeguard American dignity, he mentioned.

The Dermophis donaldtrumpi isn’t alone among animals bearing Trump’s name.


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