Yummmm! Making the perfect Grilled Cheese Sandwich.


Is there anything greater than a newly made grilled cheese sandwich? The traditional combo is hard to beat, but that doesn’t mean it can not be improved upon.

The basic recipe – white bread and American cheese toasted at a small butter – is a good one, but using a few important adjustments, grilled cheese may go from simple, satisfying sandwich to mind-blowing culinary experience.

Here are tips for making the perfect grilled cheese sandwich.  Using one or more of these tips and you’ll be well on your way to bread and cheese heaven.

Select the ideal bread to be heated and layered with cheese? Yes, definitely. Using better bread will take your grilled cheese to a whole new level. Try using homemade bread or even a loaf from your favorite bakery.

Avoid thick slices, which will make it harder to allow the cheese to meltdown, and bypass loaves with plenty of holes. Note that

day old or going to go stale bread is ideal for grilled cheese, as the fat and heat will make it back to life.

Mayo – up! Standard procedure for grilled cheese would be to butter the outsides of the bread before putting it in the pan – to add more taste, butter both sides, inside and out. Guess what works even better? A thin layer of mayonnaise.

Mayo does everything butter does, however better – it is surprisingly great for browning bread. Plus, mayonnaise adds a hint of tanginess, which dismisses some of the richness of the classic bread and cheese combo.  Not inclined to forego butter? Try spreading butter on the inside of the sandwich and using mayo on the outside for the very best of both worlds.

Pre-toast the bread Grilled cheese will be quick and fuss-free and this does add an additional step, but it is well worth the effort and barely any trouble. Spread mayo on either side of both slices of bread then increase the pan you will cook the grilled cheese.

Briefly toast both sides only until starting to brown. Take the slightly toasted bread from the pan, build your sandwich, and return it to the pan to finish cooking. This takes only an extra minute or 2 and makes for a sandwich that is crisper and more flavorful.

Utilize the perfect cheese there’s absolutely nothing wrong with utilizing American cheese – it is a classic for a reason – but there is a whole world of cheeses out there just waiting to become squeezed between 2 pieces of bread. Stick to varieties that melt, such as fontina, Gruyere, Comté, youthful cheddars, Taleggio, and some of the jack cheeses, also don’t be afraid to use more than 1 kind. Fresh cheeses like feta and green cheeses like Parmesan will not really melt, however, are a terrific way to add more flavor; simply make sure you combine them with sufficient melting cheese that you still get that satisfying grilled cheese experience.

Do not use an excessive amount of cheese.  Beyond using the right cheese, you would like to utilize the suitable amount of cheese. There has to be enough that the sandwich is satisfactorily cheesy but maybe not so much that the cheese pops out the sides and creates a mess. The ratio is dependent upon the size of the bread, but for typical pieces, you need somewhere in the area of 1/3 cup of cheese per sandwich.

Thin slices are far better than thick, whereas grated cheese is particularly good for melting. Cheese should be the star of this show, but there’s no reason why fontina or cheddar can’t share the spotlight with a few encouraging players.

Bacon or sliced ham and tomatoes are no brainers, but try being more creative with your insert ins.  Thinly sliced apples or pears include brightness and contrasting texture, while olive or cherry tapenade add snack and nuts or potato chips add crunch.

Move low and slow, think like a barbecue pit master and exercise patience when creating grilled cheese. Maintain the warmth in the moderate to medium-low selection and fix it as you cook, ensuring the bread toasts in precisely the same speed the cheese melts.

This is especially important if you pre-toast, since you don’t want to burn the bread before the cheese is completely melted. Press to get a panini-style grilled cheese if you own a panini press, by all means use it to make grilled cheese. Which you still have options for creating your grilled cheese super crispy.

The simplest approach is to firmly press a spatula on the sandwich while it cooks at a regular pan or, even better, a grill pan.  Take a step further and lay a skillet on top of the grilled cheese while it cooks, so making sure to reverse it once, so either side develop the ideal crust.


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