Former head of CBS is out of $180 million, accused of forcing women to have sex

Les Moonves could have also received an additional $65 million from vesting of long-term incentive rewards had he received the $120 million as well but may also not get any of that money.


Moonves resigned as the Chairman and CEO of CBS at September after multiple women accused him of either forcing himself or being sexually inappropriate.

CBS hired two law firms to research Moonves after the allegations and now, a New York Times report also revealed the findings of those firms – as detailed in a draft report.

From the analysis, investigators found that Moonves’ received oral sex in at least four CBS employees’.

Moonves has denied having any non-consensual sexual relationships.

Investigators said they found Moonves to become ‘evasive and untruthful at times and to have deliberately lied about and reduced the degree of his sexual misconduct’.

According to the Times, CBS currently has justification to deny Moonves his $120million severance.

According to the report, Moonves’ union to Julie Chen in 2004 appears to have resulted in the alleged sexual misconduct to discontinue.

The bombshell report comes almost a week after it had been revealed that Moonves lost his job after it was claimed he attempted to stop Bobbie Phillips out of sharing allegations of sexual misconduct by giving her a role on a CBS series.

According to The New York Times, Bobbie Phillips was trying to break into the industry back in 1995 when she fulfilled Moonves in his office to discuss possible work, true that parties and Phillips’ representative admit to be true.

Moonves denies ever forcing Phillips to do oral intercourse, but does not deny that the sex activity occurred.

Moonves began to be worried about the incident approximately a year past according to Phillips’ agent Marv Dauer.

Dauer is upfront about the fact he utilized his knowledge of the Phillips scandal to attempt to get work for her and his other clients on CBS. Phillips broke down in tears and refused based on Dauer, saying she never wanted to see Moonves again or match with any of the producers.

One year ago, word got out of a potential piece being written about Moonves past, and the CBS head supposedly grew concerned that Phillips will be the focus.

When the CBS board learned that Moonves offered Phillips work to keep silent he was booted, and now Phillips has also filed a $15 million lawsuit.

Moonves’ reopened these wounds, causing medical traumas and effectively ending her acting profession’ said Phillips’ attorney.

CBS REVEALS LES MOONVES Won’t GET $120M SEVERANCE In regards to Mr. Moonves, we’ve decided that there are reasons to terminate for cause, including his willful and material misfeasance, violation of company policies and violation of his employment contract, in addition to his willful failure to cooperate entirely with the organization’s investigation.

Mr. Moonves will not receive any severance payment from the business.


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