Accused coach taunts the parents at football star’s funeral… who committed suicide

A football coach who’d been asked not to attend the funeral of a teenaged boy who killed himself earlier this month was fired for ignoring the family’s wishes, attending the service and then taunting them Facebook after being asked to leave.


Jeffrey Wood showed up at Maison Hullibarger’s funeral in Detroit on December 8 despite the teenager’s parents especially asking him not to through a friend. They’ve accused him of’bullying’ Maison and their other kids.

It remains unclear whether his alleged treatment of Maison led to his decision to take his own life or why it was unjust.

But after showing up in the funeral and being asked to leave, the coach, who’s also a history teacher, chose to Facebook where he taunted the boy’s grieving parents.

‘I was just asked to leave a funeral by a family member of a deceased football player.

‘If you need someone to blame, I’m your man, I’m your fall guy.


‘This is how society is when things go not as planned. We blame others for our own shortcomings.

‘This tragedy is not about me or you. It’s about looking in the mirror as a human being and being real and honest with yourself,’ he said in a heartless post.

According to the boy’s parents, Wood has ‘bullied’ their children for years.

‘We’ve had four boys who played for him.

‘He’s been bullying kids for many years,’ Jeff, the boy’s father, told The Detroit Free Press.

Linda asked a friend to make it clear to the coach that he was not welcome at the service but he showed up anyway.

‘We knew Maison would not want him at his funeral.

‘He did not treat Maison kindly. So it was our wish that he would not be there,’ she said.

Another one of their sons approached him and told him to leave.

Wood was fired from the coaching program after school officials were told about his post.

He told local outlet Monroe News: ‘A lot of things go into it, of course. I need to work on me.

‘It’s much better for the school system for someone else to lead… I didn’t come to this decision lightly.’

The school district’s superintendent said: ‘He is no longer affiliated in any way with the Bedford football program.’


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