Virginia Teacher Fired for not using a student’s preferred pronoun.


A Teacher in Virginia was fired after refusing to utilize a transgender student’s favored pronouns, multiple sources reported.

On Thursday, members of this West Point Public Schools Board voted unanimously through a hearing to dismiss Peter Vlaming, noting that his actions weren’t only discriminatory but were also a kind of harassment, as stated by the Virginian-Pilot.

Vlaming was allegedly told on many occasions to utilize the student’s preferred pronoun but chose not to. The pupil, who hasn’t yet been identified, and also the parents met with Vlaming to state their worries, The Virginian-Pilot reported.

During their meeting, Vlaming consented to use the student’s new name but wanted to avoid using male pronouns. The school division’s attorney Stacy Haney alleged that there was an incident, where the student was wearing virtual reality goggles and almost walked into a wall, and Vlaming shouted, “Do not let her run in the wall.”

The instructor asserts addressing the ninth-grade pupil by his favorite male pronoun was against his religious beliefs.

Vlaming’s attorney Shawn Voyles explained to The Virginian-Pilot that the school’s gender identity policy had no particular guidelines as it came to using specific pronouns with transgender students.

When requested by the school division’s attorney Stacy Haney, whether he would utilize the student’s pronoun if he could return to instruction, Vlaming stated he would still refuse- even though he has the utmost respect for your student, The Virginia Gazette reported.

Following the board’s conclusion, a number of students held a walkout in protest of Vlaming’s shooting.

The group consisted of middle and high school students, who held signs that read “Justice for Vlaming” and “Save Vlaming.”

“Everyone has rights, the student has rights, but so does Mr. Vlaming,” student Forrest Rohde protested.

“This is violating Mr. Vlaming’s First Amendment rights of freedom of speech and religion. He cares about his students and we care about him.”

Fellow student Zachary Gonzalez also joined Vlaming’s defense.

“I don’t think it’s fair. The transgender student’s hopes, beliefs and rights overrode Mr. Vlaming’s,” Gonzalez told the newspaper.

“I believe that you can be whoever you want to be gay, lesbian, trans, it doesn’t matter you should be able to be who you want to be. But you also have rights of the First Amendment such as freedom of speech and religion and Mr. Vlaming’s are being shut out.”

What’s next for Vlaming? The Virginia Gazette reported that he and his lawyer may file an appeal with the King William County Circuit Court.


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