Daughter forced to walk 5 miles to school in cold weather after bullying


An Ohio father is in the middle of a social networking firestorm after a video went viral showing the punishment that his daughter endured after she was captured bullying other students.

Matt Cox’s daughter Kirsten was suspended from riding the bus for 3 days after bullying another student, based on FOX47, when Cox was advised he would have to take daughter to school, he opted to teach her a lesson rather.

“I realized she viewed the privilege of riding the bus and or car rides to and from school as a right and not a privilege,” Cox stated.

As she started the walk Cox spoke to Kirsten about why he had been making her walk to
school, attempting to drive home the point that if she did not bully other kids, she would still be on the bus.

Cox posted video of the punishment – and has been quickly greeted with the typical online cacophony of applause and boos.

“I was in complete shock that so many people responded when I originally posted it. I just thought friends and family would see it, and then a friend asked me to make it public so that they could share it,” he told the station. “By the time I woke up the next day, I had hundreds of messages in my inbox and saw that there were quite a few views.”

One upset user blasted the Swanton father for making his daughter walk in cold weather.

“I think it’s good you’re teaching her that she shouldn’t just expect you to drive her because she screwed up on the bus, but this isn’t really helping her learn why bullying is wrong,” another user wrote, according to Newsweek.

Someone else commented: “Cure bullying with bullying. Great lesson, what’s next beating your kids so they don’t hit [others?]”

But Cox defended himself in an interview with WTVG, saying he would do it again.

“I just want the kids to know that words truly do hurt,” he said. “They cut very deep and have lasting effects. I hope that parents hold their kids accountable.”


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