Lady Gaga back tracks on calling Katy Perry a mean person


Lady Gaga has set the record straight about her text trade with Kesha where she made critical remarks about fellow pop artist Katy Perry.

“Katy is my friend and is really a kind spirit,” she wrote. We’ve gone through both celebrations & differences w/ each other,” Gaga tweeted.

“All these are old texts. We’ve developed, gotten over years past appreciate each other & share deep esteem.  Katy is my friend and is really a kind soul. ❤️”.

Perry responded in kind to Gaga’s apology, stating, “Love you too buddy. Onward
and upward.”  The Twitter love comes after the texts have been shown in court records used in the legal conflict between Kesha and Dr. Luke that started in 2014.

The text exchange begins with Kesha telling Gaga that she “Was crying a lot today and needed my mom. I’m really upset with Katy Perry,” according to documents obtained by Us Weekly.

The debate spurs out of what Perry maintains is a misunderstanding – which Perry was also sexually assaulted by Dr. Luke, but refused to speak out in support of Kesha. Perry denied Kesha’s claim that she was “Raped by the exact same man” at a July 2017 deposition, reacting to the promises using “Absolutely not.”

Gaga’s involvement began when she replied to Kesha’s texts about Perry,
saying, “She is probably really afraid to lose everything,” according to the records.

Kesha replied, “Your [sic] right. I want to find sympathy and compassion for her. She’s so mean. It is hard,” to which Gaga responded, “Do u want me to reach out, if I could
talk to her. I know she is mean. She makes me angry about s- [but] I simply try to have empathy for her “Kesha refused Gaga’s offer, responding,”It’s not my battle.”

In her 2017 deposition, Perry reacted to Kesha and Gaga’s claims, saying, “They think I had been raped and I wasn’t.” Perry chose to remain neutral, saying, “People were generally quite mad at me for not saying anything,” but that “I wish to stay out of it since I know them both and I empathize with both of them,” she explained. “The only two people that know what really went on are these 2 people.”

In a statement on Friday, Sean Cassidy, a spokesman for Gaga, added, “These text
messages paint a picture of one friend trying to assist another through an outstanding difficult time. They’re several years old and in no way signify Lady Gaga’s connection with Katy Perry. These are private texts – along with private information from other
high-profile individuals – have been publicly filed to generate media attention to this case.”


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