Katy Perry called out for her jealousy during charity auction


The singer, who rekindled her love with the actor earlier this season, took to the stage in the 1 Love concert at Malibu, California on Sunday to encourage audience members to bid on a motorcycle ride and lunch with her beau.

“That also means that when you are on the bike with him, you’re holding him in a manner that I’m not excited about! You are holding his pecs and his six-pack, and it’s so magnificent!” She told the crowd.

“You have to continue to Orlando for about 45 minutes… And then, you get
to delve into his eyes”.

A bid afterward came in for $20,000 from a woman named Laura, where point Katy shrieked:”Yay! I don’t know who you are, but stand for my guy!”

The jealousy then seemed to be a lot to handle, since the 34-year-old jumped in and
said: “Laura, I’m sorry – I am buying it for $50,000.

“The auctioneer affirmed the American Idol judge’s winning bid because he announced,”Sold – to the lady in the red leather skirt”. Katy had earlier performed at the charity concert, held at the King Gillette Ranch in Calabasas, that was organized to raise funds following the catastrophic wildfires in the state of California last month.

“Revealing her computer player Ty Bailie had lost his house in the blazes, Katy explained:”I am really here because of this guy. This guy is my buddy, and we’ve been on tour for the last few years, and he lost his house from the flames”.  But he has the greatest mindset and perspective in life and he’s the coolest guy, and I’m really just here for him and for everyone else that has been influenced by this horribleness.  But we have an opportunity to grow together today.

I love you so much”Other performances in the benefit concert came out of Robin Thicke, Alanis Morissette, Rita Ora, and Gwen Stefani, together with cash raised from the
event split between the One Love Malibu fund as well as The Malibu Foundation.


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