Crazy snowball law gets overturned by 9-year-old.


A 9-year-old boy has convinced the leaders of a tiny northern Colorado city to overturn a virtually idiotic ban on snowball fights, and he already knows who his original target will be – his little brother.

Dane Best, who lives in the often snow-swept town of Severance, presented his arguments in a town board meeting Monday night, and members voted unanimously to lift the ban.

“The children of Severance want the opportunity to have a snowball fight like the rest of the world,” Best said during his presentation, according to local newspaper The Greeley Tribune.

“The law was created many years ago. Today’s kids need a reason to play outside.”

The newspaper said the demonstration included an audience of children and their parents, who cheered on the ban’s reversal. Dane’s mom, Brooke Best, told the The Greeley Tribune her son had been speaking about snowballs since he discovered about a month and a half ago it was prohibited to throw them within town limits.

The last time it snowed, Dane stated he and his friends looked around for police and joked about violating the law. Kyle Rietkerk, assistant to the Severance town
administrator, said the law was a part of a larger ordinance that made it illegal to throw or take stones or missiles at people, animals, buildings, trees, any other private or public land or vehicles. Snowballs fell under the town’s definition of”Missiles.”

“All of the kids always get blown away that it’s illegal to have snowball fights in Severance,” Rietkerk said before the meeting.

“So, what ends up happening is always encourage the kids with, ‘You have the power you can change the law.’ No one has.”

“Subsequently Dane took the cause, composing letters together with his classmates in support of overturning the ban. After Monday night’s victory, his 4-year-old brother Dax had better watch out.

When board members asked Dane in a meeting in November who he wants to hit, he pointed straight at his little brother.

“We’re proud of him for taking initiative to make some change, no matter how small it could be,” Derrick Greatest, Dane’s dad, told CBS Denver.

Dane and his family have investigated other Severance ordinances, including one which defines pets just as dogs and cats.Dane includes a guinea pig, that is illegal in
Severance, also.


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