A Family Reunites after father ‘dead’ for 26 years is found alive.


A girl believed her father was dead for decades after his then employer told her he suffered a heart attack and died.

Ronnie Rudolph split from the mother of his daughter Janie Rudolph and moved to Illinois and then to Tennessee.  Ms Rudolph would reach out and call him while he had been at his job at a concrete plant.

Mr Rudolph’s older sister, Juanita Elliott, also admitted to losing touch.  Mr Rudolph said he thought nobody wanted him and didn’t attempt to reach out for all the years.  The loss of communication resulted in missing out on almost 30 years together.

Following the telephone about her father’s supposed death, Ms Rudolph advised
her family that her father had died and they all accepted it as reality for 26 years – until Ms Rudolph’s mother died four weeks ago, and she felt the necessity to obtain her father’s death certificate as well.

“I started searching for a death certificate, and I couldn’t find one in my dad, so we were thinking he might be living someplace,” she told WTVF.

Eventually, after talking with other household members along with the cement plant, Ms Rudolph and her daughter discovered that Mr Rudolph was residing with a friend in Tennessee.

Ms Rudolph reported the fact of her dad being living felt like”a fantasy”.

On November 23, Mr Rudolph eventually got to watch his kids and sister , together with four grandchildren and nine great-grandchildren.


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