Thanksgiving Dinner turns tragic over NFL Players’ National Athem Protests


A Thanksgiving argument NFL players kneeling during the National Athem in Cary, North Carolina ended with a family member being shot.

A North Carolina father shot and wounded his son on Thanksgiving after a heated argument over NFL players carrying a knee during the national anthem, police said.

Jorge Luis Valencia-Lamadrid, 51, is charged with shooting at his 21-year-old son at the leg. Valencia-Lamadrid, told police his family had just sat down to have Thanksgiving dinner at his home in Cary when two of his sons got into an argument about the athletes’ demonstration of racial injustice, according to search warrants obtained by CBS affiliate

Valencia-Lamadrid told officers he retrieved a shotgun following his younger kid, 21-year-old Esteban Marley Valencia, badly assaulted his other son.

He said Valencia started throwing objects and struck him in the face with a water bottle, which caused him to squeeze the trigger and fire off a shot. Valencia was injured in the hand and leg.

He was treated at a nearby hospital and is said to be OK. He is out of jail on bond.


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