Filtered Selfies Causes Mental Disorder in Many


The plastic surgery community says social media is changing how folks see themselves.  And people don’t like what they see.

”Plastic surgeons are seeing a trend of people being inspired by selfie culture, but cosmetic doctors won’t put anyone under the knife unnecessarily,” Anna Höckerstedt, chair of the Finnish Association of Plastic Surgeons.

Höckerstedt said cosmetic surgery is growing in Finland, with more people booking procedures.  And what’s driving this increase is the perfect selfie. That said networking’s airbrushed and perfect images are Leading to expectations, according.

People use to try to look like movie stars but that was so five years ago.  Up until recently, patients arrived at surgeon’s offices equipped with photographs of models or movie stars, but they swipe through selfie galleries on their smartphones now.

Many believe a picture-perfect selfie is workable in real life.

“Enlarged lips can look good from a certain angle, but seem very strange when the person talks or laughs,” Höckerstedt clarified, adding that the industry has ever grappled with people’s expectations that are unrealistic.

“Selfie consciousness is expanding the pool of individuals with far-fetched thoughts,” she added.

In the United States this past year, 55 percent of facial plastic operation patients said that they wish to appear better in selfies up 13 percent from 2016, according to the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.

Cosmetic surgeons warn that individuals under the spell over imagined defects in the appearance of one, an illness characterized by obsession of’ Snapchat dysmorphia’ can develop body dysmorphic disorder.

“All these types of patients may encounter short-term satisfaction following a procedure, such as a lip augmentation, which means that they swiftly reserve a new procedure to relive that feeling. This leads to an abnormal appearance over time,” Höckerstedt

In Finlandit’s not only medical doctors who can reshape a person’s faceBy law anyone can inject fillers to smooth wrinkles and plump up skinaccording to Höckerstedt.

“If a person’s unrealistic requests are turned down by one cosmetic doctor, they can always try another clinic, or even travel to another country for the procedure.”


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