Shawn Mendes talks about his feminine side


Shawn Mendes is currently spilling all the tea into his cover story that is new for Rolling Stone.

Mendes, famous for hit songs including”Inside My Blood” and “Stitches,” dealt with the rumors of his sexuality who have swirled for years, even though he has denied that he’s homosexual and has told supporters that it should not matter if he had been.

It’s remained a sensitive topic to the singer, who is Famous for songs such as “In My Blood” and”Stitches.”

“At the back of my heart, I feel as if I Want to be seen with somebody – like a woman – in people, to show to people who I am not homosexual,” he explained.

“Although in my heart I know it’s not a poor thing. There is still. And I hate that side of me.”

20, Mendes, has begun to feel much more comfortable being himself and reflected on a second he left panicking.

Explaining that if his buddy Taylor Swift was on her He enabled her to place a photograph of them where he wore glittery makeup – .

“I was like,’F, why did I let her article that?’ I simply Fed the fire which I am fearful of.”

Looking back now Mendes said he’s glad Swift was let by him to Share the image.

“Perhaps I am a little more female – but that is how It is,” he states


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