Kit Harrington couldn’t wait for Games of Thrones to end so he could do this.


Nobody is more Enthusiastic for Game of Thrones to be over than Kit Harington.

Yes, it is where he met his wife, and it left him lots of cash, and it is not every day you are among the main cast members around the greatest show on tv, but he could cut his own hair.

The Jon Snow hair of harington is legendary, so much as these things go, but he has been waiting to reduce on his locks that are tangled .

Harington was asked regarding his plans that were post-Thrones.

Harington sliced his long, wavy locks and stripped his beard off to look in Sam Shepard’s Pulitzer Prize-winning drama, True West, in London’s Vaudeville Theatre Dec. 4 through Feb. 16.

Even though Game of Thrones wrapped shooting its final year, Harington intimated that he had been advised to maintain the look of Jon Snow in case re-shoots were required.

The simple fact that there is just one more season of Game of Thrones is starting to sink .


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