Being Raped: Top Chef host Padma Lakshmi opens up.


“I have a series that is Emmy nominated. I’ve got a young child. I have a base for the reproductive health of women. I am using the ACLU and that I talk on their behalf to get immigration – I really don’t need to be called that girl with that cooking show that was mistreated,” Lakshmi said in an exclusive interview using TODAY Monday.

“I believe women think like that. They feel as though they have this imperceptible scarlet letter which this occurred to them”

After sexual assault allegations were increased through the Supreme Court confirmation hearing the piece conducted.

Throughout the hearing of Kavanaugh, Ford’s accounts was contested by President Trump in a tweet which contested she failed to report the offense.

The tweet prompted a”Why I Would Not Report” social networking effort, with lots of folks responding with their private stories.

Lakshmi said she tweeted her answer, telling TODAY:”Lots people do not report it. There. There is no upside for Dr. Ford, obviously, but she is a hero to a lot people.”

Lakshmi added that talking on websites was not sufficient for her.

“It did not feel right to me. I believed, what occurred to me is crucial and very painful and it warrants more than the usual hashtag,” she explained.

“How am I going to feel when he has confirmed and that I did not say something? I will regret that for the remainder of my entire life,” she stated she recalled thinking.

Lakshmi has clarified opening up on her ordeal like ripping bandage off.

She stated she believes it helped provide a voice.

“We attempt to erase what happened to us and the only way to genuinely erase that injury is to truly face it in all ways is suitable for this individual.”

Lakshmi said she thought of herself even though she’s found herself talking out on many different problems in the past several decades.

“I think if you get old, you have a power which you did not have when you are young,” she explained.

“If I do not need that rape or exactly what occurred to me specify me then I’ve to move on and allow the great things in my life specify me. I have had so many fantastic things occur for me,” she explained.


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