A Billboard leads to a Kidney Transplant for a Canadian Man


This week, he’s going to receive the gift of life from a stranger.

A high school teacher in his 40s, Ryan McLennan, was Diagnosed with kidney failure in 2002.

His mother donated one of her kidneys, and he recovered.

It became evident that he had a second transplant, and there wasn’t any other matching donor in his loved ones.

“I did not think it was going to happen,” McLennan told CTV Calgary.

“I just thought, this Will be my entire life; I’m moving To be on dialysis forever.”

The wife Shakina of McLennan suggested the billboards idea.

He thought the idea was crazy but he decided To give it a go.

His effort eventually led to 170 inquiries into The Kidney Foundation.

About 50 people applied to donate their organs and 30 underwent testing.

Tony Timmons of Airdrie, Alta., become a match.

Timmons says he watched while driving to Work and called.

“There’s people waiting for organs which are Dying,” Timmons said.

Timmons added he expects a stranger would do exactly the exact same thing for him.

McLennan known as Timmons an “Amazing individual.” He Said he’s looking forward to spending more time with friends members and his loved ones, And less time feeling sick.


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