Remembering Mrs. Doubtfire 25 Years Anniversary


“Robin basically got me the role,” explained Matthew Lawrence.

His reaction to Mrs. Doubtfire got him the job as Chris.

“I began to catch on because I had been a working kid. But definitely for two or three minutes I was sitting next to Mrs. Doubtfire and I’d no idea. I think they didn’t tell me that the cameras were rolling, and they simply had us sit down. I think they just wanted to receive our natural kids’ reactions.”

“This was the moment that captured me the function,” he noted “The very fact that I reacted that method to Mrs. Doubtfire was exactly what they were looking for and Robin knew that.”

If Daniel learns Miranda is looking for a housekeeper, he disguises himself -thanks for his make-up artist brother Frank and his spouse – since the practically perfect grandma, Mrs. Euphegenia Doubtfire.

“Mrs. Doubtfire” earned mixed reviews upon release but earned $441.3 million worldwide and won the Golden Globe for best comedy or musical, where Williams also took home the award for humor celebrity.

Singer recalled her first encounter with Williams and his then-wife Marsha, who were also generating, at Mr. Chow’s in Beverly Hills.

“He alternated from talking calmly and articulately in his seat to literally getting up and using the whole area around the desk to do and act out what he had been talking about – in personality, because stream-of-consciousness trademark Robin Williams way,” Singer mentioned.

He also kept the tender Mrs. Doubtfire character the whole time. It was humorous, and it seemed as if he might have gone on forever”

“Lily, obviously, was a massive hit. Robin, of course, was a huge hit and I bombed spectacularly. However, Robin stood in the wings and loved it because he knew that would happen and it had occurred to him.”

At the end of the evening they started talking and the conversation resulted in a discussion of Daniel with a gay brother.

Fierstein recalled teaching him to be the exotic 1940s-star Maria Montez, “I feel just a little bit of it’s from the film. I taught him a few Bette Davis. We only had the best time.”

Working on the movie and with Williams was a life-changing adventure for the three young actors.

He was especially helpful during the two months it took to shoot an elaborate sequence in a restaurant where Daniel as Mrs. Doubtfire is having dinner with his ex-wife, her enchanting boyfriend and his children, in addition to himself with the owner of a TV station where he operates.

“He never talked to us. He would get down to our level, literally, looked us at the eye and speak to us quite gently. He was warm and friendly and fun and ridiculous the whole time. However, you could tell he really known and loved kids.”

Williams, stated Jakub, not only made her a much better performer, he also made her a better man.

“There was a lot of ad-libbing, there was a lot of things that just came out of left field. At the start, I was totally freaked out about this. I’d just sort of stand there and stare and wonder when I was supposed to say my lines. What I learned working with Robin was this profound awareness of presence. That you actually stand in the area with that individual and listen to them and respond. I feel as it made me aware in my life.”

“Robin was open with me about his problems with dependence, his issues with depression and psychological wellness. That has been incredibly important to me. I had told him about my issues with nervousness. The fact that has been willing to be honest with me had a huge effect on me as a 14-year-old. I am an advocate for mental health consciousness. Part of that stems from this fact that I learned from Robin that’s it’s fine to speak about these things.”

Lawrence, who proceeds to behave, also remembers the silent moments with Williams, particularly when they had a very long talk in his trailer following the film wrapped.

“We had been exchanging gifts. He gave me this leather-bound script he signed and composed this nice note and that I gave him these little metallic solders he collected and that really touched him. We spoke for a good 30 minutes about life. He had his heart on the sleeve all the time. He was such a loyal and exposed human being”

Audiences in 1993 and till this day have found “Mrs. Doubtfire” to be a healing experience.

“I have had so many men and women come around me and want to discuss the because it was so meaningful to them and actually helped them get through their parents’ divorce,” said Jakub.

“I needed a spare set of keys. I said alright let me go back and get my wallet. She said ‘No, really lam going to offer you these for free since you were in ‘Mrs. Doubtfire’ and that movie got me through a really hard time in my entire life.”


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