Teen Homeless Mom Overcomes Obstacles to Becomes Class Valedictorian

2018-11-21_13-07-03What do you do if you are a pregnant teenager and your mom has never wanted you around?  This anonymous story narrated by the actual person is on YouTube and serves as an inspiration.   The YouTube video is from storybooth which has now had over a million views.

The subject of the video never identified herself, I guess to be able to keep her identity a secret, but she narrates the animated video.  We’ll call her Amy.  She was originally born in the Dominican Republic and lived with her mom in the United States.  But as Amy describes her and her mom’s relationship it was tenuous at best.

As a small child Amy could tell her mom never wanted her around.  That would make any child insecure and not feel safe.  As Amy describes it her mom would shovel her around from house to house just so that she wouldn’t see her.

Amy finally moved back home but it wasn’t the ideal situation.  Around the age of 10 she came home to her mother.  But her mother had an ulterior motive and it wasn’t out of love.  It seems like it would be a terrible burdened for a child that young to know her mom doesn’t care about her and that she was just being used by someone who should love her unconditionally.

Amy’s mom had her move back home at 10 so she could babysit the younger children.  Being the oldest child Amy was looking forward to leaving elementary school and going to middle school.  But her self-serving mom did despicable thing by sending Amy to the Dominican Republic to live with her grandparents.


Amy’s mom fully had the intentions to bring her back when she was 16 years old.  The relationship began to get better upon moving back home, well at least for a few months.  You see Amy found out she was pregnant, and her mom flipped out.  Eventually her mom kicked her out of the house when she wanted to continue her education and better herself.


With the help of a guidance counselor she had to find a shelter to live in.  The place she landed in was the Covenant House.  It was not only a place to live but an avenue for Amy to succeed.  She woke up every morning got herself and her son ready for the day.  She then dropped off her son at daycare and headed of to high school.  After school she would go to her internship that lasted until 8 p.m. at which time she would then go pick up her son at daycare around 9 p.m.  She would study and do her homework after that and would repeat this process day after day.

Amy got some great news from her guidance counselor that she couldn’t believe! You see, Amy was her class valedictorian.  She was so excited she told all her friends who were so proud of Amy for accomplishing something so great.


During the commencement speech Amy told her fellow graduates that hard work always pays off.  And to never let obstacles or when things get tough to keep you from achieving your goals.

Seeing her son in the audience jump up and down was a very special moment for Amy.  One she will never forget.  And at that moment she realized that all the hard work paid off.


You can watch the entire YouTube video below:


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