Glass Will Impact How We See Reality Even More In The Future


Glass Has Ancient Origins But A High-Tech Future Where would the smartphone be without glass? Now glass may change the way you interact with data again – in everything from head-up displays on car windshields to augmented-reality glasses.

Some people believe the impact glass has on our lives is only getting started.

Karol Wight has a Ph.D. in art history, focused on the ancient origins of glass.

“The more I did the research, and the more I understood glass is a very ancient material, I just fell in love with it,” Wight says.

It made glass for the cathode ray tubes in TVs. It made the glass for mirrors in the Hubble telescope.

More recently, it’s Corning’s glass that made the iPhone touch screen possible.

More fiber optic cables, which are actually made up of extremely thin strands of glass.

It’s not just folks in Corning, N.Y., who believe glass has a lot of potential for the future.

Pickett says the idea is to make the images appear as if they’re in the real world, so there’s less distraction to look away from the road. DigiLens is also one of a number of companies that are trying to use glass to make the same augmented reality approach for actual glasses that people can wear.


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