Most Americans Believe The Media Intentionally Reports Fake News.

Only 25 percent of Americans believe the media “Rarely” or “Never” deliberately report fake news.

A full 92 percent of Republicans believe the media intentionally mislead the public.

No fair-minded journalist can look at these numbers and not be blown away by the fact that the establishment media have so lost the trust of the American that a breathtaking 72 percent now believe fake news is reported deliberately.

The misleading Axios headline reads, “92% of Republicans think media intentionally reports fake news,” which is a deliberate attempt to keep the focus off of the 72 percent.

The top portion of the Axios write up focuses only on the Republican number and summarizes it this way, “The data shows that trust in the media is heavily influenced by partisan politics, with Republicans more skeptical of mainstream media than their Democratic and Independent counterparts.”

Of those who believe fake news is deliberate, a whopping 65 percent say this is because “People have an agenda.”

Only 30 percent blame the establishment media’s fake news spree on “Laziness” or “Poor fact-checking.”


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