You Can Only Push A Devout Christian Doctor So Far… Then He Ambushes You

2018-06-12_8-06-47A sentencing memorandum filed Friday by Dr. Rene Boucher’s attorney said Paul repeatedly placed “Unsightly” yard debris near the property line.

On the day before the Nov. 3 attack, Boucher burned some debris left by Senator Rand Paul, according to the document obtained by the Daily News of Bowling Green.

The next day, Paul placed more debris on the spot where the pile had been burned, it said.

It said the disagreement over yard debris dates back to September 2017, when Paul piled a 10-foot-wide stack of limbs onto a spot near Boucher’s property.

“Even though this debris was not on Dr. Boucher’s property, he viewed it as unsightly – as it was placed directly in his line of sight from his patio and the back door of his house,” the court record said.

Two more piles of debris appeared in the same month, and Boucher burned the pile on Nov. 2.

The next day, Paul used his lawnmower to blow leaves onto Boucher’s yard and then made another branch pile in the same spot, it said.

“As Dr. Boucher has stated throughout, he lost his temper and tackled Rand Paul as Paul was carrying branches from another location on his property and placing them on the property line,” the memorandum said.

“My family is relatively new to Bowling Green Kentucky, having moved from Canada three years ago. The Pauls have offered their kindness and friendship to us. Their support while we settle into a new life was and continues to be a blessing,” Loik said.


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