Peeing On Seat In Front: Airline Passenger Arrested

A Frontier Airlines passenger was led away from his arrival gate in handcuffs on Thursday after passengers say he grabbed two women during the flight and then urinated on the seat directly in front of him.

The ordeal began about two hours into Frontier Airlines Flight 864 from Denver to Charleston, S.C., Fox 31 Denver reported.

FRONTIER AIRLINES PASSENGER ALLEGEDLY PUNCHED PREGNANT DEAF WOMAN IN STOMACH. Emily added that the man seemed “Extremely intoxicated” and “Out of his mind.” The woman who was groped, too, alleged that she saw the man drink two double shots of vodka on the flight, Emily claimed.

A flight attendant also warned Emily, who was sitting in the row across, of his behavior, telling her to leave her seat if the man tried to touch her.

ALASKA AIRLINES FLIGHT ATTENDANT ACCUSES FIRST OFFICER OF RAPE. Emily added that she was unsatisfied with how Frontier handled the situation and felt that someone should have been monitoring him after attendants were first made aware of his disruptive behavior.


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