Pot Destroys Cancer Cells: U.S. Government Admits

A quiet, but stunning acknowledgment has come from the National Cancer Institute that cannabis destroys cancer cells without harming healthy cells.

One of the best ways to inhibit tumor growth is to destroy the cancer cells, and they are claiming that cannabinoids can do that.

As I mentioned, they were doing studies on mice and rats; and one of the studies they did on mice was to test how cannabinoids would do against colon cancer.

The study showed that cannabinoids could protect against inflammation of the colon, which in essence, could potentially reduce the risk of colon cancer, or even help destroy the cancer cells during treatment.

The study showed delta-9-THC actually damaged or killed cancer cells.

The same delta-9-THC study on mice suffering from liver cancer showed that it contained antitumor effects.

Sticking with the studies, a recently published study in the International Journal of Oncology, set out to explore the association between cannabinoids and fighting leukemia cells.


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