Are You Ready To Eat Lab-Grown Meat?

Ironically lab-grown meat companies have had to emphasize the novelty of the processes that go into growing meat to get patents and attract investors.

Although technical barriers remain, the influx of investment into lab-grown meats and the projected price drop have buttressed claims that synthetic meat products will be on sale within three years.

Before we can eat our lab-grown meat and three vegs, the Food Standards Australian and New Zealand Authority will have to perform public health and safety assessments on each different lab-grown meat product.


With the labels of lab-grown meat under close scrutiny by farming groups, it could still be politically risky to label lab-grown meat as meat, considering the push by dairy industries from the European Union, the United States and Australia to ban plant-based products from using the word “Dairy” or “Milk”, such as in almond milk or rice milk.

The use of such company names on lab-grown meat labels could infer to consumers that lab-grown meat is the same as traditional meat without raising any legal issues.

Clear prohibitions on the labeling of lab-grown meat as “Meat” are likely to appeal to many sides, except perhaps the lab-grown meat companies themselves.

Unlike in the US, this lobbying is less likely to resist lab-grown meat being labeled as meat, and more likely to focus on letting consumers know whether their meat was lab-grown or farm-produced.


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