Trained Military Dolphins Go On Hunger Strike.

Ukraine has a dolphin army at the Crimean military dolphin center, trained and ready for deployment.

Or at least it did, but after the Russian annexation of Crimea in 2014, the dolphins were captured.

Some believed the Russians were planning to retrain the dolphins as Russian soldiers, with a source telling Russian agency RIA Novosti that engineers were “Developing new aquarium technologies for new programmes to more efficiently use dolphins underwater.”

Others have since denied the claims and blamed Ukraine for their poor treatment of the dolphins.

Russian Duma deputy Dmitry Belik has since claimed, somewhat less excitingly, that all the combat dolphins that served in the naval forces of Ukraine were sold to commercial entities or died of natural causes before 2014.

Occasionally captive dolphins have been known to refuse food when a tank companion dies, and there have also been claims that dolphins have stopped themselves breathing after being separated from humans they had formed a bond with.

There is plenty of misinformation floating around, and it is difficult to independently verify what really went on at a secret dolphin training facility in Crimea.


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