Crazy Squirrel Loads 50lbs Of Pinecones Into Car Engine.


Last week, Kellen Moore of Gaylord, Michigan woke up to a strange occurrence in the engine bay of their Dodge Journey minivan.

For whatever reason, they decided to open up the engine bay of their Dodge, only to find a massive cache of pinecones occupying every available cubic inch of space under the hood.


Moore’s friend, Gabe Awrey, was called in to help empty the Dodge of its harvest, and snap a photo of the mess.

All in all, extraction of the mess was reported by a USA Today article to have taken 45 minutes, with 50 pounds of pinecones eventually being removed from beneath the Dodge’s hood.

Why would a squirrel make a nest under the hood of a vehicle? For the same reason, any rodent would: An engine bay is secluded, warm, and out of the elements.



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