Free Speech is “White Supremacy” According To A University of Toronto Professor – Who Gets Called Racists


Rinaldo Walcott, the Director of the Women & Gender Studies Institute at the University of Toronto, has long argued that free speech is an ideal designed to uphold “White supremacy.” Walcott’s attitudes towards academic freedom and free speech were highlighted by the activist organization Far Left Watch.

In a series of tweets, Walcott argued that free speech and academic freedom are rooted in white supremacy.

“Let’s be clear: free speech and academic freedom, both of them, are presently constituted and defended are white supremacist speech. It is clear as day.”

Even though Walcott believes that universities are hotbeds of white supremacy, he is invited to speak at publicly-funded universities at conferences centered on leftist sociological concepts like “White privilege.”

Previously, the professor was accused of being a racist.

A psychology professor seems to be telling Shepherd she is correct.

The university is a central pillar of white supremacy according to the professor’s latest controversial tweets.


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