Alan Thicke’s Homestead May Turn Into A Giant Pot Farm By His Sons


According to Alan Thicke’s third wife’s attorney, the surviving boys want a giant pot farm.

“Since Alan died, his sons have been haranguing her to let them turn America’s dad’s homestead into a massive pot plantation,” the attorney told People magazine last year.

The widow, Tanya Callau Thicke, 42, filed new court documents stating that she has yet to receive her inheritance after more than 15 months after Alan’s passing from a ruptured aorta.

Tanya believes Alan’s sons are up to shady things and squandering the fortune the “Growing Pains” actor left in his will.

Last year, Robin and Brennan Thicke filed legal documents saying that Tanya was trying to nullify her prenuptial agreement with their father to gain more from his estate.

TMZ reports that in the new legal papers Tanya claims, “The sons raised hell over Tanya arranging a burial site monument for Alan – which she claims she had every right to do – and retaliated by refusing to reimburse her for it. At the same time, she claims they reimbursed Robin $105,000 for a huge memorial bash the night before Alan’s burial… which she was not on board with.”

Tanya and her attorney, Adam Streisand, may ask the court to force the sons to be more transparent moving forward.  “The fact that Tanya still hasn’t received her inheritance is unconscionable,” stated the attorney.

In September, a judge sided with the former beauty queen, who wed Alan in 2005, against Robin and Brennan’s attempt to block the stepmother from challenging her prenup.  Tanya has yet to file for contesting the agreement.



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