How to Avoid The Price Hike On Amazon Prime’s New $119 Annual Fee

Of course, Amazon has their reasoning to jack the fee up by 20%.  Going from $99 annually to $119 per year, they are saying it’s because of the increase invaluable services added since the last price hike.

“The value of Prime to customers has never been greater,” Brian T. Olsavsky, Amazon’s chief financial officer, said in a Thursday earnings call.

“There [are] all kinds of new features that we’ve continually added to the Prime program. It’s much different than it was in 2014, and this is a reflection of that.”

Amazon’s currently has 100 million Prime members, some may not have the cash for the price increase.

If you are looking for legitimate ways to get around the Prime deal, consider these alternatives.

Did you know you can share the membership?  Through the company’s Household feature, allows you to share membership with one other adult.  This may be a family member or even a roommate.  The Prime benefits, include Prime Photos and album sharing, video streaming, and Amazon First Read.

Consider switching to a monthly membership.  Amazon offers this, and you can turn it on and off only in the months you tend to use Prime, like during Christmas.

Amazon notes on its website that funds from the government like EBT cards aren’t allowed to be used to pay for Prime memberships.


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