Mexican Rapper, Whose Lyrics Bemoaned Violence, Used Acid to Dissolved Filmmakers’ Corpses.

When he admitted to discarding three film understudies in vats of corrosive chemicals, the sweet-voiced 27-year-old Mexican rapper QBA turned out to be a sort of a reverse of Tupac.

The contract killers are said to have left that to QBA, who had marked on with CJNG three months previously at a week by week compensation of 3,000 pesos, or $159. Mexican specialists say that QBA later admitted to dissolving the bodies in vats of corrosive.

Expression of their horrendous destiny provoked a tweet from Oscar-winning executive Guillermo del Toro, who originates from Guadalajara, as does QBA. “Words can’t clarify the measurement of this frenzy. Three understudies are murdered and broken down in corrosive. The ‘why’ is unfathomable, the ‘how’ is unnerving,” he wrote in Spanish.

The lamenting moms incorporate those of the three innocents Mexican experts say QBA helped kill after they turned out to be accidentally trapped by no blame of their own.


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