Hart Family, Before Launching Their Car Off A Cliff, Hid Dark Secrets From Others

After Jennifer Hart drunkenly drove a sports utility vehicle straight off a 100-foot cliff on the Northern California coast late last March, taking her own life as well as those of her wife and their adopted children, at least two searches began.

Acquaintances wondered how could a family that looked so happy and normal in photos have hidden such a dark life from public view?

As of last week, Devonte Hart, 15, and Hannah Hart, 16, were still missing but are likely dead. A spokesman for the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office responded with any updated information.

A spanking ensued, which Sarah Hart said “Got out of control,” according to the documents.

The New York Times previously reported that Sarah Hart has a misdemeanor domestic assault record in Minnesota around the same time.

A criminal complaint says that Ms. Hart admitted to spanking one of her children, identified as A.H. In a 2011 episode, Hannah told a school nurse that she had not eaten.

The problem, one Minnesota welfare worker noted, according to documents, was that Jennifer and Sarah Hart “Look normal.”

Additionally, investigators interviewed at least two women who knew the family, and they painted a disturbing portrait of the Harts’ home life.


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