Amazing! Kate Middleton’s Recent Luxury Hospital Stay Costs Less Than Births In The USA.

Along with Kate Middleton’s perfect life, Britain’s newest prince was born on the cheap. The Royal Birth – in one of the world’s most high priced cities-still is less expensive than a median delivery in the United States.

After the United States and the Royal-favorite Lindo Wing, Switzerland came in third for childbirth costs, followed by Australia, France, Chile, and the Netherlands.

So what’s up with the price difference? Ashish Jha, MD, director of the Harvard Global Health Institute and professor of global health at Harvard T. H. Chan School of Public Health, lays out a few reasons for the reduced costs.

One reason for the higher cost, new moms in European countries stay fewer days than that of the United States.

Childbirth isn’t the only treatment that costs more in America, either.

“If you looked at MRIs or if you looked at knee surgery, you’d get essentially the same difference in numbers.” His research shows that spending related to pharmaceuticals and administrative costs are higher in the United States, as well.

“In many European countries,” it’s noted, “Free maternity care is available.” Britain’s National Health Service will provide free maternity care to residents who give birth in the public hospital system.

He says, there’s growing consensus among providers that American health care costs need to come down.


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