15 “Loser” Stories To Remind You Of What Highschool Was Really Like

There were days that anyone could relate to, especially in high school.  We were so busy trying to figure things out and fit in.  It was a lot of pressure.  That pressure led some to a “loser” moment in their high school.

  1. “how big a loser was i in high school? i didn’t get chosen to be on the school newspaper committee, but i just turned up every week anyway and eventually, after several months, the teacher felt sorry for me and put me on staff”

2.” i’ll keep going: in year 7, the science teacher fed a live mouse to his pet snake. the other boys thought it was v cool but I burst into tears and ran away bc my pet mouse had died recently.”

3. “ok one more: i also cried in year 7 english and ran away bc everyone laughed at me when I gave a speech on Harry Potter and opened with something like “get ready to blast off on your broomsticks!””

4. “After my dad chaperoned a trip in middle school: Guy: “Brandon your dad is so cool, why are you such a dork?” To which I responded the only way I knew how: “It’s those dang recessive genes.”

5. “I had a folder full of printed Lord of the Rings fan fiction I loaned out to friends.”

6. “my own mother sent me a rose on valentine’s day cos she thought i’d be the only kid without one.”

7. “Military school. I was doing a crossword at my desk and got up to use the restroom. When I returned someone had written “penis” in all the boxes.”

8. “I used to pretend that my braces cut me and made my lip bleed so i didn’t have to participate in PE because they would all move in when I was up to bat during softball.”

9. “A week before our final exams, a teacher came into the sports Hall and caught 7 of us recreating the Royal Wedding, using a bedsheet as Kate’s gown. We were all 18 and I went to an all boys Catholic school.”

10. “In an attempt to pass as straight, I tried to kiss a girl I liked, but over-played my enthusiasm. She told everyone I kissed like a vacuum cleaner – for the next 18 months the common room was decorated with cartoons and the Hoover/vacuum pages from various catalogues.”

11. “once, I finished a cross country race as they were tearing down the finish line. the event coordinators didn’t know people (me) were still running.”

12. “One time I thought one of my good guy friends was going to ask me to the homecoming dance (several of my friends told me he was going to) and then instead of asking me he approached me by my locker all dramatically just to tell me he didn’t want to go with me.”

13. “I thought I had a homecoming date in sophomore year until I found out the boy was in a competition to bring the ugliest girl to the dance.”

14. “I REALLY wanted to be on the improv team, and my dad made my twin brother audition with me so that we would come home together, even though he didn’t want to………he got on the team, I was made a sub.”



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