Love Fulfills The Law: Romans 13:8

In the quote of the day at Bible Gateway, it talks about love fulfilling the law.


Let no debt remain outstanding, except the continuing debt to love one another, for whoever loves others has fulfilled the law.  Romans 13:8

When I read this scripture, it sounds like it would be a perfect world if everyone could do this.  But then I start wondering if the Apostle Paul (the person believed to have written Romans) considered how vast the world would become one day.

All the poor and homeless within just the United States.  And this scripture seems to be hinting that we should strive to take care of all our neighbors.  And when I say, neighbors, I’m referring to what ‘many’ Christians think of which is the entire world.

We are living in a world of 7+ billion people.  And I wonder how many of today’s workers will be able to retire and have a decent life.  Heck, I wonder how I will have a nice comfortable retirement.   I’m actually worried about somehow becoming homeless myself.  Or being dependent on others.

There’s a lot of talk about robots taking away jobs.  Jobs like cashiers, food order takers, and likely a lot more jobs will be done away with.   What’s going to happen to those tens of millions of unemployed workers?

There’s so many in need in the country already, and the population is set to explode even more.  I’m just not sure if Apostle Paul realized a robotic future taking jobs and billions of unemployed workers.

I think “love your neighbor” is good, especially in a world with so many who are suffering and that maybe the answer to what problems we will face in the future together.


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