The FCC May Investigate YouTube For Advertisement Targeting Children

The reason for the FCC to consider investigating is because 23 consumer activist groups signed a complaint calling for action.

“According to the complaint, Google collects personal information about minors on YouTube, including location, unique device identifiers, and mobile telephone numbers, and uses that to target advertisements to kids across the internet, apparently without their parents’ consent,” AFP reported. “It noted that YouTube contains child-oriented channels such as ChuChu TV Nursery Rhymes & Kids Songs, with millions of subscribers, and that advertisers pay Google a premium to place their ads on a ‘parenting and family’ lineup including channels aimed at children.”

For years YouTube has claimed that the platform is for users 13-year-old and up, but the group claims that there is a lot of content targetting young children.  Advertisers are seizing the opportunity to place products before the young audience and paying a premium price to YouTube.

In 1998 Congress passed COPPA which restricts website advertising to kids.


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