The 14 Best Lessons Learned In Childhood

Childhood isn’t all fun and games.  There were some important lessons we learned as children that we use to this day.   Here are the best lessons learned from childhood.

1) Things aren’t forever, and they could be lost within a blink of an eye.

2) To always look at things with a childlike attitude.  Who wants to grow old anyway.

3) Never drink warm water from a hot garden hose.

4) Life will have hurdles even when we get older.

5) It’s important to be self-sufficient.  And even more important to learn to think for yourself.  Some still don’t have this one down.

6) Ah, those wonderful naps.  How much we don’t appreciate them until they are far and few between.

7) Moms have this uncanny ability to know everything a person is up to.  There’s no getting away with anything.

8) Just never grow up.  Period.

9) Learn to be happy even when you are by yourself.  You’ll spend most of your time alone.

10) If you want to swing higher in life, you have to put the work upfront for it to happen.  Working hard and smart pays.

11)  People become weirder as they get older.   I’ve noticed this.

12) To be different from everyone else isn’t a bad thing.  And always try to have a positive outlook.

13)  People are going to have opinions.  They will judge.  And what they think of you isn’t really your concern what so ever.

14)  Moms are the most important female’s in a person’s life.  I guess wife’s become moms too.


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