Jimmy Kimmel And Sean Hannity Are In A War Of Words Over A Joke.

It started with late night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel mocking First Lady Melania Trump’s accent during an Easter book reading for children.

On Sean Hannity’s news show he pushed back on Kimmel for the joke basically saying that he wasn’t giving FLOTUS the respect she deserved.  Hannity even pointed out that Melania is able to speak six languages and challenged the late night host just how many he could talk.

What really set the war of words off was the Fox New’s anchor calling the late-night comedian “Ass-clown Kimmel.”

Here’s a clip of Hannity calling out Kimmel.

The late-night comedian didn’t waste any time firing back at being called an Ass-clown.

“Sean Hannity’s problem is that for eight years, while Obama was President, he was unable to get an erection. For eight years, not one erection. And he tried everything … he tried looking at pictures of Paul Ryan with his shirt off. Didn’t work,” Kimmel said.

“[Hannity] went to office Christmas parties with Bill O’Reilly,” Kimmel continued. “Nothing worked. But now that Trump is president, here’s the twist, Sean Hannity is unable to have anything but an erection. He’s had an erection since November of 2016. And it’s driving him mad. He’s lost his mind.”

Kimmel angrily questioned, “Why is Sean Hannity openly fantasizing about clowns in the ass? Is that your thing — at two a.m. you got your laptop open to Breitbart, you sneak into the den to hump a pillow from the Ivanka Trump collection — quietly, so your wife doesn’t wake up and force you to go to church.”

“Sean, you are the whole ass circus. You’re the juggler, you’re the trapeze artist, you are the ass lion tamer, and the ass human cannonball all jammed into one little car. You’re the Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey of ass clownsmanship.”

And it seems that this battle between Kimmel and Hannity isn’t stopping anytime soon.


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