From Pauper To Disney Prince After Some Weight Loss.

We all deal with gaining weight as we get older. But some people actually look better with a few extra pounds on them.  However, sometimes you do look better after you lose the weight.

While on Reddit a user by the name of Jeffrey Kendall has been compared to a Disney related prince after losing weight. Looking more closely, the 26-years-old actually does look like a Disney prince.

Leave it to the Internet to make comparisons. People immediately noticed how much Kendall looked like Prince Adam in Beauty and the Beast. Some comments on Reddit were, “that was the first thing I thought of transforming in beauty and the beast serious props.”

Another commentator wrote “Holy F#@& you went from like a 4 ½ to a solid nine your legit beautiful. Like this is what sculptures talk about when they say the sculpture is already made underneath they are just the ones who chisel off the unwanted pieces.”


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