What Is Happiness? Is It Toxic To Chase It?

For most of us, we want to be happy.  It seems like some people have the magic recipe for being happy, while others only chase and try to capture it.  Those who chase and try to be happy are the ones least likely to find it.

Trying to chase and find happiness is like trying to capture the wind in your hands.  It’s probably impossible.  Why?  Because you are always analyzing and trying to figure out how to be happy.  It will exhaust you, and for some it becomes toxic.

In a way, it’s like complaining, you can always find something in your life to complain and be unhappy about.  Focusing too much, from an intellectual standpoint, on becoming happy is actually counterproductive.

“Happiness in intelligent people is the rarest thing I know.” ― Ernest Hemingway, The Garden of Eden.  There’s a lot of truth behind this famous writer’s quote.  Intelligent people are prone to being unhappier because they are too analytical and exacting.  And being entirely honest with yourself can be a harsh reality for some.  It could really be a downer.

If you think about when you were happiest, generally it’s when you were young as a child.  The lack of responsibility probably helped, but I think it was more the fun and excitement of every day that made us so happy.  And here’s the catch, we didn’t even have to think of what would make us happy that day.  We just did.

Now I didn’t have the best upbringing, but I tend to think of my childhood as happy.  Staying busy and focusing on things that I interested me kept me in a state of amazement.  It helps to be young and not overly analytical about your life.

If most of us could focus on learning something new that interests us and will improve our lives at the same time maybe happiness will just happen naturally and not need to be such a chore to achieve.

So go out there and try to be more childlike in amazement.

via Daily Prompt: Toxic


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