Is It Better To Be Micro Or Macro When Accomplishing A Goal?

So is it better for a person to think of or look at things in the micro or the macro when trying to accomplish something bigger than themselves?

That’s a difficult question because you need to think of all the little details it takes to create something of your dream.

For example, if you were planning a vacation trip, you would have a million things to do before getting to go on your journey.  Things like booking the plane.  Or asking for time off from your busy work schedule.  Never mind if you also have a spouse and kids to coordinate with.

The whole thing could become a bit overwhelming if you dive right in with the smallest of details.

Now on the flip side if you think of the macro perspective like laying on a beautiful beach sunbathing.  That’s something to get you emotionally excited to do.  Emotions tend to tie into a high-level view of what we want to accomplish. If you can emotionally commit to the outcome you want, then you are more likely to get moving and taking action.

Once you start taking action, it’s then important to look at the micro perspective or the individual tasks that are needed to make your dreams come true.  Without the micro details, you aren’t going to have a good outcome.

So the micro and the macro view are both critical to achieving your desired goals.  Have fun with the different perspectives of looking at things and watch how you’ll be able to accomplish the most difficult tasks.

via Daily Prompt: Micro


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