“I Love My Life,” by Stefan James.

Try saying that out loud to turn your day around.  I’m trying something new today by starting to say something that makes me grateful every morning.   And honestly, what do I have to lose?

I got the idea while watching a YouTube video where Stefan James is a part motivational speaker, part life coach, and part business entrepreneur.  He stood there talking about how he has a morning ritual going through a stack of flash cards he’s created to get his day off to a good start.

For some reason, I decided to focus on his flash card “I love my life.”  I actually never thought about saying that to appreciate my life.  You should also practice and recognize the incredible existence the creator has given to you.  You’ll get more done and more out of life.  It’s really counterproductive looking at your life in any other way.  Really being down about your life is just an inefficient way to go through life.

Why is it important to love your own life?  Let’s look at the opposite, hating your life.  You will get in a funk and not have a great day.  You’ll be depressed and think that everything is going against you.  Where will that get you?  More of the same.  Dreading every day of your life.

Even if you think “my life” is okay but needs improving.  Which is sort of where I am currently, but I’m going to still say out loud I love my life. Saying it out loud really makes me appreciate today more.  It’s actually working.  I’m starting to love my life.

What is there to appreciate in your life?  Maybe you have a great family life.  Or a great job that you love?  If you are having money issues, perhaps still love your life as you look for another job.  Or better yet, look into starting a side business that creates passive income.  That’s a dream of mine and I’m starting to pursue it.

For me “I love my life” because I currently have a lot of freedom.  I’m using that freedom to learn how to start a few side business.  I’ve actually paid for a few courses after buying books on Amazon about business areas that interest me.

I’m playing with the idea of possibly entering back in my field in about a 1 1/2-years and hiring people to do the day to day tasks of my passive income businesses.

Find something that’s exciting in your life, or how you can create more joy and happiness in your own life.  Even if you currently do not love your life, you can appreciate that you have the ability to create a better one.  It’s just inefficient to not to love your life.  So say, “I love my life” and continue moving forward.

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