What’s In A Name: Everything

I’ve been reading up on FBA or Fulfillment by Amazon as a way to make some money.  The thing about this is it’s a bit intimidating.  Seems like there are a ton of successful people who started out with nothing and are now making a ton of money every year.

I’ve bought about six books on the subject and have quickly read through two of them.  I’ll go a little deeper into those books at a later time.

I just got done watching a video about where a ‘newbie’ launched a business and raked in $1.1 Million in 12 months.

The series I’ve been studying stresses an online course that costs over $3,000.  But for now, I don’t feel comfortable spending that much on an online course.  Instead, I purchased six books about FBM and will train myself.   These ‘interviews’ seem sincere, and there are so many of them.

One thing the video series highly suggest is building a brand.  Hence my dilemma.  What niche do I want to attack and what will be an all-encompassing name for the brand I am trying to create.

So why I try to come up with the name, I’ll have some books to study hard and take notes on.

Wish me luck.


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