Move Over “Tide Pod Challenge” There’s Now The “Hot Coil Challenge.”

You’ve probably heard of how dangerous the Tide Pod Challenge is.  Well, that was so yesterday.  Now there’s a new internet challenge called the Hot Coil Challenge.

The Hot Coil Challenge

It’s the latest trend where people are putting their bare skin on red-hot stovetops. Some have posted videos of these crazy acts on Youtube. Before watching a warning: The video is disturbing and contains profanity.

As can be expected the people doing the challenge end up with severe burns, but they post it on social media as proof they were brave enough to accept the challenge.

Some are doing this challenge as a way to gain followers and likes, but health officials say this is a great way to suffer severe injuries.

When the Tide Pod Challenge was at its peak, social media had to take down those videos to try and keep others from attempting it.

Some on social media are actually mocking this challenge.  Officials are hoping The Hot Coil Challenge is just a passing fad.


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