Stephen Colbert made fun of “God.”

Yes we know he’s a comedian and has a late night talk show, but to actually mock God and Jesus on his platform is really going over the top; it’s rude.

Stephen Colbert and Oprah Winfrey

He literally elevated Oprah Winfrey to something more significant than the Lord himself, which in my mind is creating an idol of the talk show queen.

Personally, I found that a little offensive making a joke like that, and I’m not a super religious person.

The conversation between the two circled around Oprah Winfrey running for president in 2020.  And many hope she does run including Stephen Colbert.  He actually dialogued that he was in conversation with “God” himself.  Which is fine, but the part that got me annoyed was when Colbert elevated Oprah to being more well known than God.  Saying that the Lord was going to brag to Jesus that Oprah knew who He was and a fan.

“I feel humbled and honored by that,” Winfrey said in response. She explained as she had in recent weeks, that she needed a sign from God, “I would know it.”

“I am very much in touch with my inner GPS, I’m in touch with God, the voice of God,” Winfrey said.

“So, have you had any signs at all?” Colbert asked.

“Not one,” Winfrey confidently replied.

Then the “Late Show” god voice came overhead.

“Can I help you, Lord? I’m kind of in the middle of talking to somebody important,” Colbert asked.

The voice of the fake god then said He was a massive fan of Winfrey and was shocked to hear she was a fan of His.

“Wow, Oprah knows who I am? I can’t wait to tell Jesus,” he said.

At least Oprah politely responded saying, God, I know you will find somebody that will inspire you in 2020.

Again, I’m not a religious fanatic, but it seems that Colbert could show a little more respect towards the Lord and Jesus, and not put them in a skit.



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