Like Watching Grass Grow: A Typical Day.

I’m the type of person that likes to figure out how things work, then fairly quickly I get bored of whatever I just learned.  It becomes not challenging anymore.  So now, I’m on a quest to find out how to make my life and daily tasks more ‘juicy.’

What makes a typical day typical?  It’s because you’ve been through it before.  Waking up, getting coffee, jumping on the computer for the latest news.  Trying to figure out what to write on for your blog today.

Watching Grass Grow

Are typical days good or bad?  Well, to me they can be both good and/or bad.  Once something becomes typical, like driving a car, your brain somewhat shuts off, and you basically let your subconscious take over.  Looking into the mirror, passing a car, watching out for crazy drivers.  It becomes second nature.  That makes it a good thing because it frees your brain to think about other things that need to be accomplished.

But if you are an over the road truck driver, it becomes bad if you can’t figure out what makes that particular trip unique.  You hear about accidents where the drivers are watching a movie or some that have fallen asleep at the wheel.  Although this may make it dangerous and exciting, it’s not a good thing to experience.

So I believe to get the most out of your day is to have a balance between typical and exciting.  Something to get your juices running during the routine of your day.  But finding that special sauce to get the most out of life is tricky.

Lately, I’ve been watching a lot of videos on YouTube and have been thinking about starting a series of blogs on watching well, vlogs.  Even the most exciting posts become a little dull and typical after watching back to back posts by a personality on the video sharing platform.

There’s a lot of interesting videos out on YouTube.  People sharing their life experience, giving great advice, and just sharing what their life is like.

I’m hoping that finding what makes a video special or unique, or maybe what I learned from watching will help me make my tasks a little more interesting and fun.

How do you make your daily duties more interesting and less typical?

via Daily Prompt: Typical


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