As Women Gain Power In The Workplace Will There Be More Female Harvey Weinstein(s)?

Women are generally seen as nurturers and not sexual predators.  But as women gain more power in the workplace will there be more women accused of sexual assault by their male subservient?

Women in power

Seems like most of the stories coming out about nefarious sexual activities are coming from the entertainment industry.  Even so, the men accused of doing the assaults are a very small percentage of all men in power.

Most of us have heard about the Harvey Weinstein scandal.   Harvey was a highly respected and successful movie mogul.  But it seems, again and again, so much power can corrupt a person.  But are women as susceptible to being egomaniacs?

Then there’s Matt Lauer former anchor of the Today show.  He had a lot of power and charm.  He also used that immense influence to get his way with women around him.  He prayed on women starting out their careers; the most vulnerable.  This is another example of a giant ego gone wild.

So what happens when a woman is in control at the Today’s morning hours?  Will ego be a problem?  We don’t have to look any further than Megyn Kelly.  There are rumors of her prima donna treatments of her subordinates.  Megyn is reported to be hated by the entire staff at NBC morning news.  Her ego is unquestionably big since the network paid a reported $20 million a year to bring her on.

She’s said to be the highest paid anchor in the morning news hour.  Again, this seems like power corrupts but would women use such control to sexually assault a male minion?  I’m not saying Megyn will because I think she’s a bit too smart to fall into that trap.  But could other women in dominant position create a situation of abuse on their male counterpart?

It does seem that the image of the victims is generally female, and the perpetrators as more often than not male.   But when a situation is flipped are women going to abuse their power?

The answer seems to be leaning to yes.  A microenvironment that we’ve seen this taking place is the educational one.  The female teacher having sex with their male students.  Sometimes as young as 12-years-old.

Just this week, Stephanie Peterson, a 26-year-old married, successful Florida science teacher is accused of having sex with a 14-year-old male student.


Then there’s Mary Kay Letourneau, who at 35-years-old was sent to jail for raping her then 12-year-old student.


They eventually married and divorced.

Researchers are shocked that there has been a rise in the number of female teachers accused of raping their male students.  But looking at the overall number of female teachers compared to men runs about 76%.

However, according to only a third or 30% of teacher-student assaults are done by women.  Given that there are more female teachers it would seem that males are still doing it at a higher rate than women.

So in conclusion, if women gain power, there are maybe a few Harvey Weinstein(s), but it will happen less with women than men. If given that the scenario of teacher-student carries out to the rest of society.



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